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Towards East: Tourists flock to Asia

Why Asia is so Popular?
Asia is the largest continent of the world having around 50 countries. It has the majority of the population of the world residing on it. It houses some of the oldest civilizations that exist even today. Asia attracts tourists from all over the world to its diversity, rich history, and colourful locales and provides an opportunity for the tourists to have a taste of the cultural melting pot that this continent has to offer.

This continent has everything to offer from the world’s largest mountain range Himalayas to Indian ocean, from vast barren sand plains of Gobi Desert to highly fertile plains of India and from extreme cold climate of Russia to temperate climate of island nations.

Must visit places in Asia:
The most popular places visited by tourists are mostly famous historical sites such as 365 travel asia Great wall of China, Taj Mahal of India, Angkor Wat ruins of Cambodia, volcanoes of Japan etc. or top cities such as Hong Kong, shanghai, Delhi, Seoul etc. to experience the correct blend of globalisation with traditions.
Although these destinations are important to visit and experience, but tourist should not miss the other wonderful yet not so popular destinations to get a wholesome experience of the phenomenon that is Asia.
Below are some of many such other places that Asia has to offer:

  1. Pulau Ubin, Singapore:
  2.  Singapore tourism mainly includes visiting modern architecture such as marina bay sands; high end shopping streets, cultural spots such Asian museum, Little India and Arab street.
  3. To experience Singapore’s origins or its way if life before the economic boom one has to visit the humble island of Pulau Ubin.
  4. It is one of the last villages to exist in the country.
  5. It’s still fully functional with about 100 villagers residing there.


  1. It is a great one-day trip from Singapore city, once there you can leisurely spend your time walking or cycling in the palm groves that grow on the island in abundance.
  2. Pulau Ubin means Granite island gives a respite from the city life.
  3. It also hosts different eco systems.
  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand:
  2. It is the largest city in Northern Thailand.
  3. It is also the most culturally rich province.
  4. It is a historically important city due to its proximity to ancient trade routes.
  5. Visit Doi Suthep Buddhist temple that has claimed to awe its visitors who almost describe it to be magical.
  6. Also explore the underground city of Wiang kum kam built in eight century.
  7. Go for a night safari, elephant safari or pay a visit to the local zoo.
  8. Visit the Guinness world record holding Mae Sa elephant camp.
  9. Pay a visit to the Karen Long Neck tribe that resides here.
  10. Shop from local handicraft villages to buy collectibles that you cannot get anywhere in the world.
  11. It takes approximately 8 hours of train travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.


  1. Chengdu, China:
  2. Tourism in China often revolves around historical sites and highly advanced cities.
  3. But China is also the only country that has pandas.
  4. Visit Chengdu to have an unforgettable experience with the pandas.
  5. You can visit the Dujiangyan Panda Base to experience a one-day panda tour, meet the giant panda, visit the panda breeding and research centre and also get a chance to join the Panda keeper program.
  6. It is a one of a kind experience that can never be achieved in other parts of the world.
  7. Other than this, you can also pay a visit to the operas, Leshan Giant Buddha, other historical sites, and experience local cuisine.


  1. The distance between Chengdu and Beijing the capital city of China is around 2000 kilo meters connected through regular flights and trains.
  1. Kiyomizu-dera, Japan:
  2. It is a Buddhist temple located in Eastern Kyoto.
  3. Its origins can be traced back to 778 AD.
  4. The temple has an indoor waterfall that is sourced from the mountain rivers.
  5. There are total 16 structures in the temple.
  6. Tourists can enjoy by participating in many activities that may be considered as superstitions.
  7. To ascertain if you are ready to accept love in your life you have to walk with your eyes closed between two rocks placed at a distance of 43 feet.
  8. Take nature walks to in the surrounding forests to the 500 stone Buddha’s called as Sekibutsu -gun or visit the crystal waterfalls.
  9. There are trains from the capital city of Japan, Tokyo to the city of a Kyoto. From Kyoto there are regular trains to Kiyomizu-dera.


  1. Jantar Mantar, India:
  2. This is the world’s largest observatory situated in Jaipur, India.
  3. It was built by Rajput king Sawai Jai Singh and was completed in the year of 1734 CE.
  4. It has nineteen astronomical instruments with the world’s largest sundial.
  5. They were constructed to study astronomy and calculate astronomical readings through a naked eye.
  6. The readings can be read to this day with almost the same accuracy.


  1. This monument is a perfect amalgamation of technology, religion and culture.
  2. Along with this tourist can visit, the Hawa Mahal, numerous forts and soak in the culture of the city that has been kept alive all these years.

These are just five out of many such amazing destinations that should be explored to understand Asia and its offerings.


  1. Travelling to most of the countries in Asia is considerably affordable. 2.
  2. It can be expensive if you desire luxury, but for a moderate comfortable travel spending 30$ to 40$ is enough. 3.
  3. There are many extremely cheap options advertised by travel agents but caution should be exercised to avoid fraud and inconveniences.
  4. Always book your travels through verified or government approved travel agents.
  5. Carry local cash since many of the tourist spots do not have ATM provisions.
A trip to Asia makes you culturally and spiritually rich .

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